See with Certainty with Eyetelligence

Developed to support clinical decision making, Eyetelligence Assure software uses the latest AI technology to analyse retinal images for features of glaucoma, referrable diabetic retinopathy, and neovascular AMD.

Helping you help your patients

  • Advanced AI analyses patient retinal images and draws your attention to where it’s needed.
  • A visual tool that helps patients more easily understand the need for additional tests.
  • The latest retinal technology, demonstrating an invested level of patient care.

Help patients understand the need for additional tests

Often the retinal image alone doesn’t provide you the clinical information you need. The traffic light results make it easier to explain to your patients why further investigation and additional billable tests are required. In many cases, the increased scans and visual field tests prompted as a result of Eyetelligence Assure cover the monthly cost of the software in just one week.

Clinical and patient reports, complete with your logo

Clinical reports make it easy to send information back to GPs that refer patients for diabetic retinopathy. The take-home or emailed patient report helps to build loyalty and understanding of value in a consult and prompts the need to follow up with a next appointment. Both reports come complete with your company logo.

Trained using 200,000 images and peer reviewed

Eyetelligence Assure’s AI models have been peer-reviewed and published in ophthalmology journals. The platform was trained to analyse retinal images for features of the three major retinal diseases using 200,000 retinal scans, labelled by a panel of sub-specialist ophthalmologists. We have partnered with world-leading research organisations to validate the software

Secure offline solution that works with most fundus cameras

The software is downloaded onto a PC connected to any type of compatible fundus/OCT camera, making full use of the equipment you already have. The software is completely offline, which ensures complete patient data privacy. Easy to use and understand, it’s suitable for all staff members to operate. And we offer a full installation and set-up service if required.

Approved and supported by the best


Regulatory approved

Driving better outcomes for all.

Better Business

  • Grows practice business and revenue by qualifying all appropriate in-clinic investigations (VFT, OCT) – these additional tests mean the software, in many cases, pays for itself.
  • Clinical report makes it clear and easy for referring GPs, encouraging them to send you more patients.
  • Standardises disease screening process, regardless of your practice setting, staff experience, or equipment.
  • Shows junior staff and graduates that you are investing in a support tool that helps them be confident and grow as a clinician.
  • As an offline solution, no patient data is stored on public servers or in the cloud, ensuring total confidentiality.

Better Outcomes

  • Reduces risks of missing diagnosis and identifies cases that may require further investigation.
  • Educates patients – generates patient reports and images to support your clinical recommendations.
  • Provides that extra reassurance.

Better Consultations

  • Promotes understanding and rapport with optometrist in the consultation.
  • Printable patient reports increase service satisfaction and helps patients to better understand your clinical recommendations.
  • Patients are assured by investments in the latest technology for their benefit.
  • Increases loyalty and encourages more regular appointments.

Ready to see what Eyetelligence can do?

Screen and manage serious eye diseases with confidence, while improving patient engagement and generating revenue for your practice.

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